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August 2023
Why Moving Fast 3 Minutes a day Can Lower Your Cancer Risk

People who regularly rushed up stairs or hurried to catch a bus were about 30 percent less likely to die of many types of cancer than people who dawdled.

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Just 4,000 Daily Steps May Lower Your Risk of Death, Study Finds, With Additional Benefits the More You Walk

New research challenges the idea that people need to hit 10,000 steps per day before they see significant health benefits.

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Staying fit as You age Isn’t Just About Exercise. Experts say to Prioritize These 4 Habits

Staying fit is one of the keys to a longer life. But exercising isn’t the only activity you should be focusing on to stay fit. Here are four ways to focus on whole-body fitness as you age.

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Peach Overnight Oats

These Peach Overnight Oats are amazing. Loaded with juicy peaches and seasonal spices, with added crunchy walnuts, they make excellent breakfast. They are tasty and nutritious, packed with hearty oats, and incredible flavor.

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