Why your Part D premium doesn’t drop when you take fewer drugs
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4 Things to Know About the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

Insulin and the Donut Hole: Lifesaving Drug Often Spikes Medicare Patients’ Costs

The high costs associated with insulin send many Medicare patients with diabetes into the dreaded Part D “donut hole,” where they pay a greater share of the lifesaving drugs’ costs. Understand how you can plan for this expense so it’s not a devastating financial surprise.

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Ask The Pharmacist

Why Doesn’t My Premium Drop With
Fewer Medicines?

Many people think that dropping a prescription or two will lower their monthly premium, but that's not how it works.

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Morning Drinks to Keep You Going All Day


Sweet and Spicy Brussels Sprouts


Will 'Financial Neurosis' Destroy Your Retirement Dreams?

Will ‘Financial Neurosis’ Destroy Your Retirement Dreams?


15 Ways to Travel in Retirement on a Fixed Budget

15 Ways to Travel in Retirement on a Fixed Budget

US News & World Report

Sharp Rise Reported in Use of Multiple Psychotropic Drugs

Sharp Rise Reported in Older Americans’ Use of Multiple Psychotropic Drugs

The New York Times


The Saddest Story Ever

Jim, Scott and Alex are tired after traveling all day and check into a hotel. When they get to reception, they find out they'll have to walk 75 flights of stairs to get to their room because the elevator is out of order. Jim suggests that they do something interesting to pass time while they walk the 75 flights. Jim will tell jokes, Scott will sing songs, and Alex will tell sad stories. So Jim tells jokes for 25 flights, Scott sings songs for 25 flights and Alex tells sad stories for 24 flights. When they reach the 75th floor, Alex tells his saddest story of all, "Guys, I left our room key at reception."

Source: www.LaughFactory.com

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