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5 Tips for Eating Out

5 Tips for Eating Out

If you struggle with over-indulging or are simply trying to be health conscious, eating out can be fraught with calorie pitfalls.

There’s nothing worse than ending an enjoyable night wracked with guilt because of your food choices. So, the next time you find yourself out on the town, try a few of these quick tips to help you stay within your eating boundaries.

1. View the menu online.
Restaurants usually have a viewable menu available online. Take a moment to choose a good, healthy option before you get there. Now, there’s no need to open the menu and be tempted by all of the other delicious but fattening options.

2. Know your portion size.
It’s helpful to understand a proper meal portion size — especially when you consider how large they have become. An easy measurement guide? The palm of your hand — it equates to about one cup or one serving size. Now you can easily divide your meal into “enjoy now” and “enjoy later” portions. Place your “enjoy later” portion into a to-go box and then enjoy your meal.

3. Put your fork down after each bite.
One healthy eating tip is to simply slow down. Chew your food completely, savor the flavors, and then swallow. Take time to enjoy the conversation around the table. If you’re dining alone, bring along a good book to read. Eating at a slower pace has many benefits and curbs over-indulgent tendencies.

4. Just say “no.”
As tempted as you may be, it’s a smart choice to decline the free chips and salsa or bottomless salad bowl and bread stick offerings. Choose instead to stick with the pre-selected calories you’ll consume during your meal.

5. Watch your liquid intake.
You may not realize it, but there are many hidden calories lurking inside your beverage choice. One 12-ounce soda has 140 calories. And often, the drinking glasses that restaurants use are larger than a single serving. If your server refills your glass just a few times, your caloric intake can rise dramatically. Water is a great choice.

The next time you’re out, try these helpful tips and empower yourself to make smart dining decisions.