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Defusing the Tax Time Bomb

It is estimated that the Baby Boomers will pass more than $40 trillion in accumulated assets to their heirs by the year 2052. Wealth Transfer is the next great frontier in the financial services industry.

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Staying Well in a Financial Crisis

Don’t Let Money Woes Wreck Your Health. “The relative value of health and wealth,” someone once said, “depends on which one you’ve lost.” The trouble is, you could easily lose both. Money problems create stress that can worsen many medical problems such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and obesity.

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Cutting Costs from Your Household

Money is tight, fuel costs continue to rise, and the sluggish economy continues to struggle. Don’t fret, you can always find new ways to save! In fact, here are a few tips to help you scrape a little more from the bottom of the household budget barrel.

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Planning Your Retirement: Will your golden years be delightful or disastrous?

Strictly speaking, the Social Security program worked out really well for Ernest Ackerman, a Cleveland trolley car operator. He was the very first person to receive a Social Security benefit—in 1937. The law went into effect the day before he retired—a nickel was withheld from his pay for his one day of participation in the program—and he received a lump-sum benefit of 17 cents from the government.

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Eliminating Debt Using the Snowball Method

A long time ago—back before you ever had any bills to worry about—you likely suffered through a dreary high school physics class as the teacher explained the concept of momentum. It didn’t seem like useful information at the time, but now, surprisingly, it’s an idea that might just help get you out of debt.

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