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Keep Relationships Stress-free for Your Health

Keep Relationships Stress-free for Your Health

Numerous studies have shown that stress is a contributing factor — if not the root cause — of many illnesses and even deaths. 

Finding ways to minimize or eliminate stress is vital to your health and well-being. Relationships are a wonderful place to begin. Here are three basic principles to help you build healthy stress-free relationships. 

Make time

Cultivating great relationships requires time. You must be willing to open your schedule and invite your friends and family into your life. Just as you’d book an appointment to see your doctor, schedule a specific time with your loved ones. Mark it on your calendar, don’t cancel unless it is absolutely necessary, and be respectful by being on time. 


“The key to having a great relationship is great communication,” says Dr. Jeffrey Love of Alive Church in Tucson, Arizona. Communication is the cornerstone upon which relationships are built. Love says when you open up about yourself (your interests, thoughts and ideas), you discover common ground — and laying the foundation for your friendship. From a shared love of fishing to having similar careers, the list is endless. 

Dealing With Conflict

Because no two people are exactly alike, the potential for conflict exists in all relationships. Disagreement is not the issue — how you handle the conflict is the key. If someone has offended you, go to them and explain what they said or did that hurt you. You will often find they are completely unaware of the offense and will immediately apologize. 

Of course, that is the best-case scenario. There are other times when you will have to agree to disagree. Or, if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, get help immediately. From legal guidance to a safe place to stay, there are organizations within your community that will provide assistance. 

Stress-free relationships are well worth the work. You will find strength, camaraderie and support by implementing these tips today. “Great communication is challenging and takes effort,” Love says, “but it will bring tremendous fulfillment in your life.”